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In the book Walk Two Moons the author, Sharon Creech, constantly writes about trees because they represent Sal and her mother as well as their bond. Being a farmer, Sal’s mother loves trees and Sal takes after her, they kiss them, are named after them, trust them, see them as pure goodness, and are in awe of their beauty. Sal and her mother both have trees in their souls. The singing tree is a reflection of Sal’s emotions at different points in the story. Trees symbolize the connection Sal and her mother share. Both Sal and her mother absolutely adore trees. Sal’s middle name is actually Tree because trees were “a thing of such beauty to my mother that she made it part of my name (pg.6)”. Sal’s mother, Chanhassen (translated sugar maple), is also named after a tree. Sal recalls her mother kissing a tree after eating blackberries and seeing a dark stain left behind from the blackberries, and then she admits that she has since “kissed all different kinds of trees (pg.106).”Then she tells us about the different tastes of trees, mentioning that for some reason whenever she kissed th...

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