Tree Conservation Essay

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Trees the Most Valuable

Resource on Earth Today

Forests are one of the most valuable resources on the planet today.
Without forests it would be almost impossible for any living thing to survive.
But, with this in mind many people destroy forests. It is as though they don’t even care that they are dooming themselves as well as the trees.
Hopefully through this article I can help save the forest and help human kind, as well as all other organisms, by telling how important the forest is and how it functions. What is a Forest?

A forest is more than just a bunch of trees growing next to each other. A forest is a very complex system of animals and plants, living in and on fertile and suitable soil. Forests are divided up into five different levels or layers. These levels are the canopy, herb, shrub, understory, and the forest floor. The canopy layer is the top layer.
This is where photosynthesis takes place and it’s also where the leafy tops of the trees are. This layer is home to a variety of insects and squirrels. The next layer is the understory. This is made up of smaller trees and is home to birds and climbing animals. The third layer is known as the shrub layer. It is made up of shrubs and vines. It also provides nuts and berries. The next layer is the herb layer. This layer is made up of soft green plants and wildflowers. Birds, insects, snakes, and toads also nest there. The last and final layer is the forest floor.
This is the thick fertile soil covered by twigs, branches, insects and detritus.

Why are Trees Important?

Trees are major erosion blockers.
Their leaves intercept rain and lower the force of impact the water has on the ground. Each tiny rain drop is like a miniature bomb. It splatters and washes dirt away with it. Tree roots also hold in soil and keep it from washing away.
People plant trees on mountain slopes and other similar places to prevent mud slides. This aspect makes trees a very valuable resource.

Healthy forests serve as wonderful habitats. It provides clean water, food, shelter, and the space that living organisms need to survive.
Different animals need different habitats. The forest gives them this with a variety of places to live. All though some live on the ground, most of them live in trees.

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