Treaty of V

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World War II started in 1939 by Germany invading Poland. This was a start to another international conflict. World War II was a hard time to live in. There was violence, discrimination, and death during this time. The Treaty of Versailles triggered a chain of events causing World War II, and the Holocaust.
After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles was put into place for peace. Germany was forced to sign the treaty between the Allies. The Allies wanted to make Germany “pay” for all the damage committed during World War I (treaty). Germany had to give up the territory it had acquired in the war. This hit Germany hard because the country was losing the territories that offered some sort of economic help. The country lost any chance to repair the economy. Furthermore, the army had to be cut down to only 100,000 soldiers, and the army was not allowed tanks. The three main points to the treaty were: Germany “had to admit full responsibility for starting the war”(treaty), the country had to pay for the reparations, and the League of Nations was created.
The Germans were not happy about being forced into signing the Treaty of Versailles. There was public anger towards the treaty. Unfortunately for the Germans, the treaty had to be signed or the Allies would invade Germany. After the signing, Germany was rippling with anger for the unfair treatment. Also, the German citizens felt as if the people were being punished for the war, when it was the government that declared war. People felt resentment and shame. All the clauses in the Treaty of Versailles caused economic problems in Germany. After the WWI, Hitler decided to “rescue” Germany from the humiliation, and the Treaty of Versailles. This led Hitler down the road of becoming a politi...

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...shattering treaty left Germany in ruins. Hitler felt as if it was fate for him to create a new Germany. He set out by finding a part he agreed with, the National Socialist German Worker's Party. He became the chancellor and president of Germany.
Hitler manipulated his words causing support for him. He promised an ultimate, united Germany which was what the citizens wanted especially after the Treaty of Versailles. Tying into this, the Jewish were used as a scapegoat for the Germans. The Jewish were blamed for the misfortunes of Germany. A mass hatred was started. The Holocaust was the end result of the chain that the Treaty of Versialles created.