Treaty Of Waitangi Case Study

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Introduction As for health professionals especially nurses, the main duty for the job is provide health education to community and need to ensure the clients understand health instruction and information, thus, health literacy plays a pragmatic role in health care. In addition, nurses need to provide health service and care to the community which included different age groups, gender and culture groups, therefore, nurses need to be cultural appropriate and also need to understand The Treaty of Waitangi to ensure it is cultural safe for the society. Moreover, it is important to understand how should nurses related their own action and their health philosophy, as a result, can help nurses to identify their role. Hence, it is curial to explore…show more content…
Therefore, providing culturally appropriate services for people has significant role for health professional; the main reasons of this is culturally appropriate services are link inextricably with the health of the client. According to Oda & Rameka (2012), in 1980s, Maori were experience racial discrimination and poor health outcomes, such as mental illness, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer, mortality, and health-risk behaviors such as tobacco and alcohol consumption. This is results of unfair health service and Maori could not access the health information and there was poor health literacy at that era and they were not able to understand different disease and lack of health education of living with a health lifestyle (Oda & Rameka, 2012). A classic example can be seen in the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, at the era, people did not know the repercussion of tobacco and alcohol use but if they were able to access the information they would understand the information. Therefore, Maori life expectancy has remained steady or declined, while other non-Maori life expectancy increase(Oda & Rameka, 2012). Hence, health professionals should ensure every ethic groups have the same right to access the information of health and have fair treatment and health

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