Treatment Of Substance Use Disorders

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The route to drug addiction originates with taking drugs and over a period of time, an individual’s capability to choose not to do so becomes compromised, and as a result trying to find and consuming the drug becomes uncontrollable. This behavior results mainly from the effects of continued drug exposure on brain functioning. Alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis are just a few things that thousands of Americans can get treatment for. Many of the goals of treatment include abstinence, no alcohol or drug use at all, or controlled use, the idea that substance abusers may be able to use substance under control. Doctors often get together to help those with addictions in hopes to make them sober once again. When the idea of treatment comes into your head, it probably looks like a small group of people sitting around a room confessing their addiction. There are many other aspects to treatment that people receive that people tend to not hear about.
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a worldwide organization of self-help groups based on alcohol abusers helping each other achieve and maintain sobriety. The main goal of this group is 100% abstinence. Dr. William D. Silkworth stated that “the alcoholic or alcohol-dependent person is biologically different from others and therefore can never safely drink any alcohol.” (410). This disease is not one that you can blame one for having. The dependent is expected to for handling the disease as best as they can and use the approaches AA mainly practices.
One of the major approaches is the Twelve Steps. Some of the Twelve Steps include admitting that we are powerless over alcohol and make a searching and fearless moral inventory of us. Celebrity rehab is a big part of our culture and is featured on shows such...

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... to follow through with the classes and medicines, if they complete what they are supposed to the do the outcome will be substantially worth it.

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