Treating Individuals Convicted for an Alcohol Related Crime

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Introduction Alternative Treatments to the Classical Alcoholics Anonymous Abstinence Approach are More Effective for Treating Individuals Convicted for an Alcohol Related Crime In this paper I am going to discuss the extreme importance of finding a variety of effective treatments for individuals with an alcohol problem. My focus will be on offenders that committed a violent crime under the influence of alcohol. I will focus on the importance for society to treat these individuals effectively and describe and compare different treatment approaches to the classical Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) treatment. Furthermore I will evaluate in how far this treatments are more appropriate for treating these individuals. To address this topic I suggest that alternative treatments to the classical AA abstinence approach are more effective for treating convicts that are sentenced for an alcohol related crime. Main Part Alcohol abuse is related to several violent behaviours like homicide, suicide, sexual violence, and partner abuse (Buddie, 2004). The costs related to alcohol related disorder and crime amounts to 7.3 billion pounds only in England and Wales each year (controlled drinking goals for offenders). Despite of this striking evidence alcohol treatment methods are still extremely underprovided, especially for offenders. In UK prisons probation services have been found to have a “significant lack of provision” for treating inmates with alcohol problems. (Treating Alcohol-Related Violence Intermediate Outcomes in a Feasibility Study for a Randomized Controlled Trial in Prisons). AA abstinence approach: The most common and accessible intervention at the moment is the Alcoholics Anonymous treatment which has several downsides, especially in r... ... middle of paper ... ...r kind of intervention that does not require them to stay completely away from alcohol, but teaches them responsible and moderate drinking behaviour. It is especially important to find a combination of alcohol based interventions that also involve reducing aggression and violence. The safest conclusion is to say, that a one size fits all treatment is unrealistic because of the big variety between individuals. Therefore it is necessary to also find a large variety of treatments that are suitable to each individual and their own drinking behaviour. To come back to my initial thesis statement I think that I gave convincing arguments for it but it is probably not possible to see it that black- and white because people differ in their attitudes and drinking patterns so for some of individuals the AA abstinence approach does work best, but definitely not for everybody.
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