Treat the Person, Not the Disease

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Caring is at the heart of the nurse’s power to work with people in a respectful and therapeutic way. In therapeutic relationship, the patient and the nurse come to know one another so the relationship becomes one of the healing because: mobilizing the hope for both patient and nurse; assisting the client in using social, emotional, or spiritual resources; finding an interpretation or understanding of illness, symptoms, or emotions that is acceptable to the patient (Perry & Sams, 2014). Dr. Jane Watson nursing theorist describes the caring relationship in a spiritual sense. Sister Simone Roach, another nursing theorist, enquires what nurses actually doing when they are caring. This essay will describe and explain Jean Watson’s and Simone Roach’s theories of caring, and how they are incorporate in the article “The art of nursing” written by Michelle Loewenstein.
A number of nursing scholars developed theories about caring, because of its importance to the practice of nursing (Perry & Sams, 2014). Sister Roach (1988) with her Human act of caring describes that our capacity of care is almost indestructible, because is way of being. It is the most mutual, authentic creation of humanism. In her nursing theory of care she defines six “C” - compassion, competence, confidence, conscience, commitment and comportment (Munro-Gilbert, 2013). Dr Jean Watson defines ten carative factors or caritas of the caring process. (Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 95). The article “The art of nursing” reveals nurses behavior and decisions that expressed care. We are going to analyze and recognize their meaning through above ten carative factors stated from Watson, and the six “C” from Sister Roach:
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