Trayvon Martin

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Trayvon Martin
Americans across the world need to stand their ground on the Stand Your Ground law. On February 26, 2012 George Zimmerman approaches a young man in his neighborhood that Zimmerman claims is acting suspicious (CNN Library).After a few words were exchange Zimmerman shot the young African American male named Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing Martin because Zimmerman used the Stand Your Ground law as an excuse.
The reason Zimmerman shot Martin was because Zimmerman said he felt threatened. Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida (CNN Library). He went to confront Martin but the confrontation turned into a murder case. Zimmerman claims he is innocent and didn’t intend on killing 17 year old Trayvon Martin (CNN Library). The Stand your Ground Law was used as an explanation for killing Martin. This law is a terrible excuse for killing someone and many people do not understand this law and use it to get themselves out of trouble. The Stand Your Ground Law should be removed as a law so people can have a fair trial.
Many people don’t understand this law and the law is to general for someone to understand it thoroughly. The Stand Your Ground Law states that if someone is not doing anything wrong and has the right to be where they are and is attacked then they have the right to defend themselves if they feel they are threatened (Cooke). Although this law says you can defend yourself if you are being threatened people have different views on how they are threatened. A simple cuss word or a little push should not be considered as a threat and requiring the victim to kill or shoot the other person. The reason this law is not good is because people will find the littlest thing t...

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...t like how the bad guys are armed (Sullivan). Although, I see where their side is coming from they need to consider how this law is not being used for the right reasons and people are getting away with countless crimes due to this law.
In conclusion, the Stand Your Ground Law does not help out our society in any good way and is also letting more criminals off easily. This law is misused and not understood right; people are using this law as an excuse for killing people. Even though, I understand where the other view on this topic is coming from I do not believe this law should continue to be in effect. Furthermore, they should stop using this law in the states that allow this as a law or they should still have a punishment for the person that killed some. All in all, I believe this law should be taken out and not used anymore as an excuse for killing someone
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