Trayvon Death Essay

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The Reality of Trayvon Martin’s Death

What really killed Trayvon Martin? The controversy leading to Trayvon’s death has come in through one ear out the other within media, misinterpretations and miscommunications have lead most of the general public to believe a male African American youth was gunned down by a male Caucasian adult. In reality, the encounter between Trayvon and Zimmerman was more than just a simple case of racial profiling. Other factors that played a role in Trayvon’s death would be the power struggle between two males clashing, which would be defined as male narcissism. Trayvon’s death was the direct result of male narcissism, because if race' class='brand-secondary'>race had not played a role within said case, the dispute between Zimmerman and Trayvon
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The truth behind racial issues within America, lead to the Trayvon case to be heavily outweighed straight from the beginning, as within a mixed race country, there is bound to be references to past events surrounding racial inequality. As Steele has explained within the article “The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin”, Steele explains how race was a benefiting factor on the public’s reaction to Trayvon’s death and how race alone compelled many to argue over the controversy of Trayvon’s death. If race had not been a factor in the encounter between Zimmerman and Trayvon, then the results of “the Trayvon/Zimmerman story would be no more than a cautionary tale” of the dangers of walking out at night in a monitored neighborhood. [1] Basically, the issues with race has always been an issue within America, while two different races clash, it usually results in a negative outcome. Once race becomes a factor in a large case such as this, the whole entire case is literally thrown under the bus, as popular opinions surrounding racial inequality are always brought up in reference to the past Civil Rights movements and so on. In this case, race was only used as a scapegoat to hide the actual facts that lead to Trayvon’s death. Had the races of Trayvon and Zimmerman not been revealed, it would only be illustrated as a battle between two males with…show more content…
Although Steele defines most of the factors as male dominance and male narcissism, the speculation of racial profiling can easily play a role. As within Michael Scherer and Elizabeth Dias’s article “The Trayvon Effect” Scherer and Dias explain how racially profiling is incredibly common within today’s society and effects the lives of millions of minorities. As all African American males can and are “subjected to racial injustice and racial profiling”. The history behind African American males and crime rates are parallel; which is directly correlated to the past economic collapse following Obama’s election, which incurred a decrease in general family wealth and an increase of layoffs, which led to higher unemployment rates, poverty rates, homicide rates, and incarceration rates. The economic collapse has directly affected the African American population, which also calls for an increase in racial profiling. Elizabeth Dias explains how most black communities have become “most vulnerable” as they can easily become targets of narcotic possessions and can be victims of “police enforcing minor crimes”, as the practice of “racial profiling, the practice of drawing suspicion from skin color, remains widely practiced.” [33] This directly affects those trying to obtain a job, and without any results they lose the will to become productive, and
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