Travesty Hits the Mohicans in James Fenimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans

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The Last of the Mohicans written by James Fenimore Cooper was part of Cooper’s Leather Stocking Series. Cooper, born in 1789, through his writings detailed frontier life during the 1700’s. The Last of the Mohicans brought to life the troubles Native Americans were facing during the early years of colonization by Europeans. Taking place during the Seven Year War, the story describes the hardships of two Native Americans, Uncus and Chingachgook, and one white man who was adopted by Chingachgook, Hawkeye. This classic literature standard brought to life in Michael Mann’s film conveys elements of action, drama, suspense, and romance spilling off the screen and drawing in new fans.

Three years into the Seven Year War or French and Indian War, British troops are pressing the colonists into service. Promised to be allowed to return home by General Webb should attacks occur against their families, many colonists, later called the Colonial Militia, agree to fight. Seeking to find a safe haven for his two daughters, Cora and Alice, British Commander Munro sends loyal soldier, Duncan, and a ...
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