Travel Through the Eyes of College Students

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People have many different views about what traveling means to them and their rationale behind their travels. I set out to discover how these views about traveling and rationale differed between college age adults. I decided to research this topic because I am interested in how those in similar circumstances to mine, such as age and schooling, have differing mindsets when it comes to travel. I wondered what reasons college students have for traveling and what their perceptions of the definition of travel were. Through my research I have found that of those interviewed and surveyed, many share the same values about travel. Many college ages adults perceive travel as a tool used to gain valuable life experiences and as an outlet for adventure, which suggests there might be a correlation between travel and the youth, inexperience, and desire to learn of many college aged adults. The research methods I executed were a mixture of personal interviews and online surveys. Survey questions were constructed with three general demographic questions followed by seven travel related questions with two open ended questions. I emailed the survey to my entire class and even had a few outsiders a bit older than the median age of college students take it in order to diversify a few of the responses. The survey questions revolved around travel; more specifically, they garnered specifically around what one thinks of travel. The few open ended questions I included allowed significantly greater responses to gain personal insight from those being surveyed as opposed to close ended questions being simple, to the point, and lacking much personal flavor. I interviewed two students on my floor who are at the complete opposite ends of student life: one i... ... middle of paper ... ...rove my thesis. The surveys provided me with straight to the point answers on travel while the interviews gave me more in depth answers regarding travel. It is interesting to see how the results relate to the age of the group surveyed/interviewed. If I were to extend my research beyond what I have already done, I would include a broader range of ages to compare and contrast. From current research, I cannot dictate how other age groups see this topic. Will other close age groups share similar ideas or will older generations be in agreement? As it stands, I could only compare this small collegiate age group. Works Cited Cannon, Ryan. "Travel." Survey. SurveyMonkey. Survey. 8 Feb. 2010. Blansett, Andrew. "Travel Interview." Personal interview. 17 Feb. 2010. O'Connor, Tyler. "Travel Interview." Personal interview. 6 Feb. 2010.
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