Travel Restrictions to Cuba

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The US travel policy restricts Cuban-Americans to travel to Cuba once every three years. Some agree that this attacks Family Values. Others agree with the travel restriction. Many feel its the only way to stop funding the Communist Dictatorship. Recently a policy is the US travel restrictions to Cuba. The policy has many restrictions, But the most controversial states that Cuban American citizens may visit Cuba only once every three years( Farley and Thale, pg.1 ). The Policy represent a tightening o f the US embargo against Cuba( Farley and Thale, pg.1 ). This policy stops aiding the Cuban Economy and bans Americans from buying fine cigars and cheap sugar, on top of other things at the cost of our national honor, but when it comes to family issues, the policy is really effective in a wrong way. The new policy goes against family values.
Through the History , The United State citizens have indirectly supported the Cuban economy
( Sullivan, pg. 1 ). This policy stops the flow of money into the Cuban Economy. In effective does damage to the relationships between Cuban-Americans and their families in Cuba. But the policy effectively stops giving money to Castro, and his terrorist and murderous ways( Farley and Thale, pg.1 ). The policy claims it stops efforts to influence conditions in Cuba. Stopped conditions of aiding Castro, basically stopping the flow of information and abridging the rights of ordinary American( Sullivan, pg. 2 ).
Through the years the policy has gone through many revisions. New amendments have been added adds new restrictions and has left previous part of the policy in place. The New policy rules are claimed to attack family values. While some strongly argue that new revision are necessary order to stop funding a communist dictatorship( Farley and Thale, pg.2 ). The policy has gone through a very recent and controversial change. The policy Now only allow Cuban - Americans to visit Cuba only once ever Three years, as oppose to when ever you wanted. Basically before recent revisions, you had the freedom to come and go to Cuba as you pleased.
The policy over has gone through very effective revisions. Cuban-Americans are the ones who are most effected by the policy. Basically those who have Cuban- American family in US with family in Cuba. The policy effects the families in Cuba because the policy limits the amount of humanitarian assistance that Cuban-American families can give to their family.

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