Trapping a Mouse

Trapping a Mouse

Trapping a mouse is not as easy as one might think. Mice are very crafty and they have an uncanny ability to steal the bait from a trap without getting caught. I was shown at a very early age just how slick these mice could be. Consequently, I was also taught the proper way to trap a mouse.

It is very important to use the right ingredients when trapping these pesky critters. This is very important to ensure a good clean kill. You should use the two-bait method. By using this time-tested procedure, you will have an approximate success rate of 80% to 100%. The two ingredients used for this type of trapping are peanut butter and Velveeta cheese. Why these two particular items? Have you eaten a peanut butter sandwich at some point in your life, or a piece of Velveeta cheese? If you have, you know how sticky and chewy they both are. These two facts are what make them the prime ingredients for luring and trapping mice.

I have tried other methods over the years, but the rodent has always managed to cheat the jaws of death. He would snatch the bait and run before the trap even went off. After many futile attempts with the other ways of trapping, I'd always revert to that time proven method.

My grandfather was the one who devised this two-bait method. As a child I lived in a two-family home. My family and I lived on the first floor, along with my grandparents who lived on the second. I spent a lot of time with my grandfather. You may be wondering why this whole mouse trapping endeavor came to be. Let me tell you, growing up in an Italian household there was always plenty of food around, especially bread and cheese along with fruit and nuts that were lef...

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...stairs to see if it worked. As I opened the door to the apartment, there sitting at the table in all his glory was my grandfather. He was wearing an ear to ear grin that could have lit up the darkest of nights. He motioned for me to come over to him. As I got closer to him, he said, "go look behind the icebox." I walked over to it and with nervous anticipation I peeked behind. Lo and behold, there he was, the mouse that had caused so much turmoil for my grandfather, now dead, caught by a persistent old man of many ideas.

Thus started the two-bait method for trapping a mouse. You must use peanut butter and Velveeta cheese. But not too much of either because you want the mouse to have to stand on the trap in order to get at the bait. Then, locate the site of those rude little mouse droppings! Once you've found that, you are ready to "Trap a Mouse!"

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