Transportation of Traded Goods

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As the American economy depends on producers and customers all over the world to transport equipment, parts, and freight successfully over the next 30 years. It is expected that the bulk of the tonnage will be transported through the U.S. ports. The U.S. government should be a catalyst for innovations within intermodal transportation, because there needs to be a control mechanism when dealing with any (i.e. buy/sell/ trade).
The free market economy highlight systems, which focus on individual liberty to deploy their talents to invest in resources in whatever profession, or initiative that they choose without any rules governing their moves within the free market (Coyle 2003). Although the free market delegates any decision to that particular individual, the government still plays a role in the market economy. The government acts like a referee to enforce strict standards, which are ran through legal panel for a legal review to ensure that best resources are available, and that the production of goods and services are constant. The free market do not offer these type of services, because they are standalone companies that have no centralized direction, which means buying and selling is only on a volunteer bases. Buyers and sellers in the free market industry expect to capitalize by gaining from transaction activity through their sales. If the buyers and sellers do not expect profit, the transaction may not take place.
The government recognizes the reputation of logistics, and the supply services that deal with intermodal transportation. The impacts on economic competition enables the government to shift their focus from the perception of treating each individual modes, to approaching the multimodal transportation of freight. With t...

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...ling products only when it’s convenient for them. There needs to be a buffer, or some type of equilibrium within intermodal transportation, because if not there will continue to be reoccurring issues with buying and selling merchandise outside of government regulated activities. The reoccurring problems that the individual seller have are not the same reoccurring problems that government lead projects have. It is fair to say that guidance and standards go a long way, because it shows the costumer the proper protocol in the beginning versus them not knowing what the end state may bring. I believe in the policy and guidelines presented before me over individual orchestrated deals any day. Although the overall intentions are well for free market groups, the concerns will always be uppermost in the consumers mind as far as what they are actually getting themselves into.
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