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Hong Kong Island is faced with a horrible traffic dilemma. Should they build more roads along the protected harbour or charge transit on roads that currently exist? Hong Kong Island is heavily populated and is faced with major traffic congestion during peak times of the day. The majority of the traffic congestion is caused by travelers from the eastern part of the island trying to reach the business district for work and 20% is caused by traffic to and from Kowloon. The traffic that this island has not only affects the 9 to 5 people, it also affects the goods and services that rely on the same roads to deliver product to the businesses. The continued stop and go traffic creates more pollutions and crashes along the heavily used roads too. SO, I can see why it is important to get something done now rather than later.
There has been an increase in population over the years and as a result the number of vehicle owners has increased as well on the island. From 1993-2005 the number of vehicle licensing has reached numbers upward of 249,000 more than double the number of goods vehicles and public transportation. There is more than enough of public transportation to help decrease the traffic on the island in my opinion. If it market and planned correctly you could introduce the road fees and a new improved public transit that would entice the working class to use the public transit.
There are many reasons for people making the choice to drive or to take public transportation. Each reason is important to the individual and cannot be overlooked for how big or small the reason is. The cost for me to drive to work daily is an expensive monthly bill that I could do without if my situation was different. The choice to pay is the most convenie...

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I think the ERP would be great for the island. Those who want to travail will be willing to pay the extra fee, no matter the cost. This will force the travelers who may have limited resources to use the public transportation provided by the island. With the amount of money that is projected from the ERP, they could change the infrastructure of the transportation department. Improvements could be made and I think everyone would be more appreciative of the system. This would also help in protecting the harbor from being touched for expansion of roads. With this change the government would have to be more transparent with the citizens of Hong Kong Island. This will help with gaining the trust needed for the people to buy into the necessary change needed. The environment will be effected as well because there will be less idle cars on the roads meaning less pollution.
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