Transport And Tourism

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Transport and Tourist Experience
The interrelationship between transport and tourism remains perhaps one of the most important relationships within the wider tourism system. A remarkable fact is that people travel in varying distances by various means for a variety of reasons, and transport provision sits at the heart of that movement. Transport is essential for tourism because it facilitates the movement of tourists from their place of origin and their destinations, and acts as the means of movement within a destination thus allowing larger amounts of people (Tourists)to visit places that are hard to reach or that are unknown for most people.
Transportation has been an essential part of the tourism industry; transportation links tourists
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From this definition it is possible to highlight that tourism will only happen when people leave their usual environment, also known as their “place of origin” or simply “origin”, making a displacement to another place, which is not part of their usual environment (work, school ,etc. ), also called a “tourist destination” or simply a…show more content…
The time the tourist saves visiting one landmark to another through transportation means are essential for his/her experience in that place. Tourists are known for wanting to visit all the popular landmarks in a short period of time or before their travel leisure end and they have to go back to their usual life back at home. Providing the tourist a well- established network of transportation on local and both global, regional levels are critical for receiving extra tourists that will face no obstacles reaching their destination.
All the stated issues prove the importance of transportation in tourism. As mentioned above the tourist’s travel experience starts and ends with transportation. In this sense, if the countries want to gain sustainable development of tourism sector, they must pay attention to transportation sector, reduce monopoly in this sector; provide sound competition opportunities for the companies, lower the fees/fares to gain access to the low income families that wish to
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