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“Are we investing on the right project?” is a fundamental question, raised by public regarding new investment(s). This relates to various project types, such as education, community development and social welfare etc. This study is limited to address the concerns related to transport infrastructure development projects. At present, Sri Lanka is investing heavily on transport infrastructure development projects. 93% of the development activities (which is 31% of the total budget) are spent on transport related investment (Department of National Budget; Ministry of Finance and Planning, 2013). This is not limited to large scale projects such as transport terminal development, expressway construction, but also fairly small projects like improving rural access roads. While some groups are in favour of these investment decisions, others question the effectiveness of those investments continuously (Jayakody, 2014; Pothmulla, 2014) and insists on more careful consideration on environmental and social impacts (Mudugamuwa, 2014).

However, with the absence of proper evaluation methodology to evaluate the impacts of such infrastructure development, those questions are remained unanswered or ignored due to lack of evidence to prove what has really happened with such investments. Some protects fail to achieve intended outcomes due to the changes made at latter stages due to social pressure. If those aspects are properly paid attention at early stages and necessary remedial actions were taken could have easily achieved intended outcomes. This policy dialogue has aroused the necessity to assess the current appraisal practices. Therefore this study reviews both academic and grey literature on transport project appraisal to identify ...

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