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Transitional journalism: The midwife of democracy The reality, however, is that the media in Nigeria and Britain do not always live up to the ideal. Strict laws, private ownership, and sometimes, the threat of alternative forces connect them. The media supposedly helps to shape public opinion, but they are in turn just as confusing and evolutionary as it is new and revolutionary. The media, however, can play anti-democratic roles as well; they create a sense of fear, division and violence among the people. Instead of promoting democracy, they can contribute to democratic decay. This paper examines the impact of media convergence on democratic governance, reflecting on the power it gives to citizens to use news to make informal political choices. Democracy requires the active participation of its citizens. Udogu a prominent figure in the broadcasting community stated that poor education and information dissemination were partly to blame for the failure of leadership in emerging countries. Thus, the function of news media should keep citizens engaged in the business of authority by informing, educating and mobilizing the public to participate in the democratic process. In many new democracies print media, the Internet and television are the preferred mediums of choice; as they are less expensive and more accessible. The exchange of information offers a greater chance of helping to sustain a more pluralist organization of politics. With all its profound complexities, mass media expands the public sphere and generally, welcomes more participants to independently engage in debate and discussion of the policy. For example, the news media in Nigeria has remained stagnant through out the democratic process of the West African country ... ... middle of paper ... ... conclusion, democracy works as a system of consensus and equal majority rule that depends on public cooperation. It is the role of the media to constantly engage and unify the public by providing information and educating them on topics with high importance. Although democracy and works differently in developing countries such as: Nigeria and established countries such as: Britain; no real democracy can function without a sense of freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Think about it, freedom of the press is based upon freedom of expression that is an important aspect of citizen involvement in the countries affairs. The British population proudly accepts the media’s involvement in their country as a form of advancement. The press may play a helpful role, but it would be wrong to accept that they alone can truly create a difference as far as democracy goes.

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