Transition to a More Anonymous Wen Experience Is Critical if Pravcy is to Become Widespread

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Identity theft is a concern for most who have access to the internet. This is exemplified by the widespread use of antivirus programs and password protection. To attain privacy, social security numbers and credit card information is treated as sensitive information, and is rarely given out online. However, most individuals would not deem their name, birthday, or relationship status as information that needs safeguarding. Due to technological increases in data mining, simple information can be used to determine intimate details about a person’s life. There is little to no legislation mandating boundaries for internet data collection, so virtually anyone can access information that is posted online, and due to the permanent nature of such information, all browsing data should be considered private. The transition to a more anonymous web experience is critical if privacy is to become widespread.

Browsing data is primarily utilized by companies to personalize cyberspace and create a more streamlined experience. Google and Amazon are on the forefront of the individualized internet. Every person’s search results and shopping suggestions are unique based on information such as their location, device used, and the date and time. Internet companies strive to simplify the user’s involvement, so time spent on every task is reduced. Digital marketing dictates that “less friction equals more paying customers” (Conversion XL). With less time spent on individual tasks a customer is free to utilize a website to a greater extent, thus creating more business. The speed to which the internet can be accessed and its cluttered display of information has become a source of concern. Critic Nicholas Carr describes surfing the web as “tripping from lin...

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...e” (ACLU). This would serve to halt the unsanctioned interception of data by both private parties and the government. Despite such effort by activists, all campaigns to amend ECPA are currently at a standstill due to disagreements within Congress.
An absence of data privacy enforcement by the government means that users must take matters into their own hands in order to secure their information. Using proxy servers or similar means to become anonymous is the only way to prevent information such as a person’s birthday, hometown, or other significant data from being used with malicious intent. Companies promise security, but they partake in invasion of privacy more often than any hackers or identity thief. Until there are proper measures in place to do away with third-party cookies and behavioral tracking, anonymity is the sole solution to erase an internet tattoo.
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