Transition to Renewable Energy

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Global Warming, a continuous rise in temperature on planet Earth, which is affecting many species including the human race. There are some unusual weather patterns, where some areas are freezing and others do not have enough rain. Burning fossil fuels is increasing carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. The United States is a major contributor of carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuels. To reduce the amount of fossil fuels, the United States need to use more sustainable way of producing energy, like renewable energy. There are many types of renewable energy we can use like, wind, solar power and biomass fuels. This will lower pollution and have the United State be part of a new movement of assisting to help stop global warming. Although the changes of using renewable energy will take time for the people to transition to, people can use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels that will one day destroy the Earth, and because it is more sustainable and will lower carbon dioxide emissions, which slow down global warming. There are many factors that contribute to global warming and is rapidly increasing temperatures in Earth’s atmosphere.There are about 5.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere from only the United States. The increase of carbon dioxide emissions are a major contributor to global warming. Large amount of carbon dioxide is being released into the air because of burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are becoming an everyday necessity to produce energy, however fossil fuels are limited and unsustainable. Fossil fuels are made from dead organic material under a great amount of heat and pressure for millions of years. Fossil fuels should take millions of year to be released into the atm... ... middle of paper ... ...get unstable from overheating, then it can cause a gigantic radioactive explosion. Just being exposed to the radioactive material can cause health defects within our bodies. However, many companies still dump their radioactive waste underground which can seep back on the surface. The United States are also to afraid to demolish our old nuclear power plants because of how dangerous the radioactive material is. Nuclear power plant might seem like a good idea, but it seems like it is too dangerous to work with. The United States use many different types of energy, but not all of them are preferable to help the environment and health of any animal, including humans. Renewable energy is a great way of replacing other types of energy that are dangerous and harmful to the environment. The United States have new innovation to start encouraging the use of renewable energy.

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