Transition into Fatherhood

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She had me wrapped around her tiny finger from the moment I laid eyes on my little girl. She had ten fingers and ten toes, and the most beautiful head of curls in the world. And I knew that I would do anything for her. But I never knew what all that would entail. This happens to many new parents as they transition into being a parent. Fathers, and mothers, are told what to expect when a baby comes into the household, but they are never fully prepared for what happens after the pregnancy and birth. “At the moment a baby is born; so is a new parent” (Levine et al., 2011, p.181). And being a new parent brings along the realization of all that you have to do, and all you have to go through, for your baby. The transition to fatherhood usually includes the identifiers of, according to Fox (2001), the helper and the provider. Each of these roles involves the ups, such as excitement, delight, and maturity (Chin, R. et al., 2011). Then there are the downs, such as stress, exhaustion, and a feeling of helplessness (Chin, R. et al., 2011).
As the official “helper” in the house, the father has many new responsibilities. First and foremost in those are watching after the mother, share the tasks of taking care of the child, and take over much of the house hold chores. After a baby is born, there is a high possibility that the mother could start to show symptoms of post-partum depression. The father needs to watch for signs of this, which can begin with having a loss of appetite, insomnia, and intense irritability and anger (Liu, C. H., & Tronick, E., 2012). Making sure the mother is eating, that you are listening to her, and that, every once in a while, he sends her out for a day on her own to relax. Since mothers are usually very tired ...

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...mes next. But along with that excitement there is much anxiety. The father is usually very uncertain with child care skills (Barry, A.A. et al., 2011), and is unsure if what he is doing is the right thing. With all the stress that comes from caring for the mother and child, fathers can start to show symptoms of depression and loneliness (Barry, A.A. et al., 2011). The more depressed a father is the less time he is going to take to learn the skills needed to care for the child. This can really hurt the father-baby relationship because the father would not be spending as much time with the baby as the mother would be (Barry, A.A. et al., 2011). Fatherhood can be a stressful time for fathers because of all the responsibility that is now on their shoulders. But with patience and the willingness to learn, a father can really enjoy the transition into being a parent.
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