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The Study of transformation and its meaning can be difficult to understand. It can however be made easier through he use of sources such as novels, plays and movies. Two plays that help this study, include Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Stoppard’s R + G.Both plays are written in different times making the two a very important aspect, in its relation to the notion of ‘transformation’. Through elements in both plays such as context, themes and techniques we are able to understand the relationship between the two The context and values of both plays are able to bring out the nature of the protagonists. The context of hamlet reflects mainly on the cahning cociety, in the 16th & 17th century’s, from the Elizabethan society to the Renaissance Period.The context of R + G on the other hand reflects on changed society today focusing on the presence of 20th century existentialism and the influence of the theatre of absurd. Shake’s revenge tradegy clearly exemplifies the value of Elizabethan society.This is most manifested in the divine supremacy afforded the king and the profound & moral consequences of regicide. Awareness of the ‘divinity’ was paramount in the Elizabethan age as seen with Hamlet grapple with fate “to be or not to be” soliloquy (Act III).In R + G on the other hand, instead of being regarded as high authority, they absolutely have no power and are viewed as your typical ordinary man. Protesting against the notion that the universe is a determined, ordered system, the external argument is clearly manifested through the attempts of stoppards protagonist, to establish a sense of information “which denotes a district lack of order to the universe.WE can identify R + G as part of a disillusioned age which the world has stopped making sense through the undermining of values & assurances of former generations. This can be seen I Act II of R + G’s apparent onging movement around the stage and inconsequential questioning. The understanding of ‘transformation’ can also be made apparent through theme/character and it helps understand the relationship between the two plays. It brings out the journey on the protagonist in the play. Central to Hamlet is a consideration of the notion of ‘destiny’. In R + G as in Hamlet, it raises the issue of fate and its role in our lives. The relationship between the two plays is explored raising the issue of its role in our lives.
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