Transformational Leadership in the Workplace

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Leadership and Teams
Envision a workplace where positivity exudes from its leaders; where integrity and ethics are the cornerstones of the organization. A place where you will be encouraged to excel and grow and your efforts will be recognized. Places like this do exist. These are the places where the Transformational leadership style has been adopted. Transformational leaders help to navigate organizational endeavors through positive influence, maximization of strengths, and the alleviation of pitfalls.
Leaders are tasked with managing team boundaries and facilitating the team process. (Robbins, Decenzo, & Coulter, 2013, p. 313) Transformational leaders challenge current practices and introduce new ways of thinking to their organizations. These leaders also promote improvements of the team members themselves. They truly have a vested interest in their followers bettering themselves in order to become more valuable workers. Often, due to their obvious efforts on their team members’ behalf, close relationships are developed as a result. Transformational leaders focus on the behaviors of their group. The leader himself behaves in a specific way in order to motivate his employees to emulate his illustration of how good employees conduct themselves.
It is of the utmost importance that a transformational leader has a high level of emotional intelligence. They must understand and be able to channel their emotions. Relying on their own characteristics to set the example, transformational leaders inspire teams to emulate portrayed behaviors. Because of this, leaders must have a high level of integrity and be able to display it proudly. This sense of pride is contagious among a well formed group and furthers the e...

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... a genuine transformation can occur. One might say that the transformational leader has implemented the use of the golden rule as a guide for organizational success.

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