Transformational Leadership Style In Nursing

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The article I chose to discuss for this week’s discussion is by Doody, C. & Doody, O. (2012). This article focuses on transformational leadership and its use in nursing/health care. This article draws attention to the many changes that have taken place in nursing/healthcare and how nursing theories and nursing frameworks must continue to evolve as changes are made. As nursing theories and nursing frameworks continue to advance and change, leadership styles must also continue to evolve as time progresses and as changes are made in the healthcare field. This article points out current healthcare issues and the need for strong leaders to overcome obstacles and challenges. Also, background information and a definition of transformational leadership…show more content…
I could identify her leadership style as this for many reasons. After reading the description of the four key components of the transformational leadership style, I instantly thought of her. The article by Doody and Doody (2012) provides a chart that identifies twenty-five qualities of a transformational leader, including: “Clear purpose, expressed simply, value-driven, strong role model, high expectations, persistent, self-knowing, perpetual desire for learning, love work, lifelong learners, identify themselves as change agents, enthusiastic, able to attract and inspire others, and able to deal with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity” (p. 1215). Honestly, of the twenty-five qualities identified in this chart, my nurse manager easily possesses twenty-five of them. Although, I have never seen her have to be persistent about something, she is the individual that everyone highly respects, and when she requests for something to be completed or changed, a change is usually made. Therefore, I have not had to see her be persistent. She uses this type of leadership style by offering and accepting suggestions for change. She encourages nurses to continue their education and always holds high expectations for us. I value her opinion she is easy to approach and frequently she provides feedback on our performance by sitting down with each nurse one-on- one and on a regular basis and provides us with job performance evaluations every six months. Typically during the evaluations she will ask, what we could do to improve our practice and care that we provide to patients. She is an excellent role model, very flexible and open to suggestions for change, she is very positive, and she also offers words of encouragement to staff members employed under her. I can easily say she uses the transformational leadership
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