Transformation of the HR department of Baker Hughes, a Global Company

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Managing large fluctuations of employee numbers across multiple geographies

and entities while ensuring a correct and timely payroll processing, is not an easy

task for HR departments. In order to tackle this challenge and to increase HR

service delivery efficiency, Baker Hughes, a global oilfield services company

active in more than 90 countries across the globe, decided to globally transform

its HR department.

In addition to improving payroll accuracy and increasing HR Challenges and Objectives

efficiency, Baker Hughes also wanted to comply with legal and In 2007, Baker Hughes decided to look for a long-term HR partner

regulatory requirements and, most importantly, reduce HR to support them in achieving the following objectives of their HR

operational costs. transformation program:

•Ability to focus on value added activities to help the business

To achieve these objectives, Baker Hughes decided to adopt a

develop and grow

new global HR information system, to harmonize and consolidate

•Ability to readily comply with legal and regulatory requirements

their global HR processes, and to outsource their payroll in 14 •Ability to meet expansion and contraction of the employee base

countries, managing over 11,500 employees. As a result, HR can

and ensure payroll accuracy

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...exible and configurable payroll solution, as well as to a more to support the business, and can at easily be adapted to future

harmonized and simplified in-country payroll management. requirements as well.

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