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For improving the overall healthcare in the United States, Institute of Medicine (IOM) in partnership with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) conducted a 2 years of research to assess and transform the nursing profession in 2008-2010. Disease prevention, giving quality care to improve health care outcomes and health maintenance was the main focus. Reforming the nursing profession was very important for improving the overall quality of health care and offer more affordable, flawless and quality care to all patients. For accomplishing this transformation requires alteration in many part of the health care system. Nursing profession is the largest subdivision of the health care workforce. This essay provides recommendations to, first, ensure…show more content…
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report recommends that the nurses are able to develop leadership abilities and maintain their clinical skills by continuing education (Institute of Medicine, 2010). Required more nurses with sophisticated degrees to provide prime care and instruct the next generation of nurses. It is important to inspire the nurses with an associate degrees or diploma to go into baccalaureate nursing courses by providing a promotion, offer tuition reimbursement, gives salary differential and create a culture which encourages the continuing education. Enlarge grants and loans for all levels of nursing students. By 2020 the number of nurses with masters or doctorate degree will double. In order to lessen the scarcity of nurse, more qualified nurses required to be prepared to move on to the faculty, primary care providers, and researchers levels. Create a culture that ensures that the nurses engage in a lifelong learning. Nursing school curricula can be updated regularly by developing and prioritizing the nursing competencies. By doing this will make sure that all the levels of nursing school graduates are equipped to meet the health care needs of the population now and the future. Nurses are able to provide culturally significant care by ensuring to increase the variety of the nursing staff including ethnicity, race and…show more content…
Nursing cary to the future is a dedicated obligation to patient care, quality, better outcomes and improved safety. Nurses are already dedicated to delivering high quality care under business, current regulations, and organizational conditions. Deliver better care to patients does not rest largely depend with nurses, despite of how competently led or educated they are; it also depends with health care institutions, insurance industry, governments, businesses, other health professionals and professional organizations (Institute of Medicine,

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