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March 19th, 2010 began just as any other day in the life of a transfer applicant. I was sitting in a cold office with an even colder counselor. She had no idea who I was and yet, she was responsible for reassuring NYU that I’d be an acceptable candidate. My hesitation was fueled by a different conflict, however. Ready to submit my application that day, I was gearing myself for a sociological major. I carried with me a long-held desire to impact the constantly evolving music industry and thus planned on approaching it from a sociological perspective. Or so I thought.

On the way home I found myself at a long red light just outside County College of Morris. As I peered into my review mirror to count the cars behind me, my iPod randomly selected to play Overture to Candide. I have always maintained an intensely cerebral relationship with music but on that day the song found me more vulnerable than ever before. With my foot still heavy on the brake pedal, my hands lost grip of the steering wheel and my eyelids blanketed my vision. I lost it. The violins vibrated in my ears like hysterical laughter. The sound of the horns grew increasingly sarcastic and derogatory as the song developed. It was almost as if each note were stabbing me in the gut without forgetting to stop and ask me why I was crying. It was metanoia. It was music-induced temporary pseudopsychosis. It was the greatest and most unexpected moment of clarity of my life. Like a middle school bully prying lunch money from the weak, the overture beat a great realization out of me.

I am not the kind of person who is to be known for my scholastic achievements. Neither will I ever find myself giving a speech to my colleagues of regarding breakthroughs in research. Nevertheles...

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...liar to that present at my current institution. The trend-sensitive approach to cultivating creative entrepreneurs, in addition to the wide historical perspective offered through courses, ensures an education that is relevant and a degree that is applicable.

Such a program can be considered a magnet for students that hold a progressive attitude towards the industry. Ultimately, this attraction is responsible for creating the kind of minds I both desire and need to surround myself with. As an artist, I yearn to be surrounded by other creative minds with disparate backgrounds and musical references. Acceptance to the ReMu program at NYU’s Tisch will mean not only gaining access to a unique educational experience in the center of music entertainment worldwide, but also the ability to fine-tune my creative thinking in the midst of the leaders of tomorrow’s industry.
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