Transcendentalism In Into The Wild

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Transcendentalism is defined as a system of philosophy holding that the key to knowledge of the nature of reality lies in the critical examination of the processes of reason on which depends the nature of experience. Ralph Waldo Emerson published his essay “Nature” in 1845 and is split into multiple chapters according to the topic. John Krakauer wrote about Chris McCandless’s (Alexander Supertramp) life preceding his death in the Alaskan Wilderness. “Nature” parallels Into The Wild in the way that nature in its entirety is large beyond belief, while beautiful, is simultaneously terrifying, and can ultimately leave you amazed or conquered by its unpredictability. “A NOBLER want of man is served by nature, namely, the love of Beauty.” (Emerson, Beauty). It is clear from the books that Alexander had with him, as well as the etchings on the wooden tables, he admired authors such as Emerson and Jack London that looked into nature for true beauty. Maybe Chris saw himself as a nobler man; that would explain him leaving everything behind and leaving no trace for people to follow. “Deliberate Living: Conscious attention the basics of life… example -> A job, a task, a book; anything requiring efficient concentration”(Krakauer, ch. 16).This shows his new understanding that everything is important in the…show more content…
“Therefore the soul holds itself off from a too trivial and microscopic study of the universal tablet.”(Emerson, Idealism) To me this says that our view on the world is small. Chris wanted to go out of the norm of someone who graduated from college and explore the unknown.“but I have my soul set entirely on my Alaskan Odyssey and hope to be on my way no later than April 15.” (Krakauer, ch. 6). This was written to Ronald Franz by Alexander it shows that he had a yearning to complete his journey and knew it would be difficult as Odysseus’s
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