Tranformation of Christianity Through The Edict of Milan

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The Edict of Milan was an integral part in the transformation of Christianity from The Middle Ages to modern society. Constantine and Licinius agreed to the creation of this edict in 313. During this century, Christianity was not tolerated but is currently a growing religion in today’s society. The religion went from being a small and unacceptable cult to expanding into multiple denominations and being an influential part of many countries ways of life and political rule.

When the Edict of Milan was issued, religious tolerance marked the beginning of religious transformation throughout the Roman Empire. The transformation was physical, mental, and spiritual. The physical and mental effects were noticed in the way that people were treated and the Pagan traditions they incorporated. Spiritually, the effects ranged from religious freedom of expression to the victory of the church.

Prior to the Edict of Milan, persecution of Christians was very common. They were considered to be exclusive, anarchists, against the Roman government, and blamed for the cause of great disaster that occurred during this time. Depending on the Roman emperor that ruled would determine the severity of Christian persecution, such as Nero being more adamant about persecuting the religion than Constantine.

After the edict was created the acts committed to torture and murder Christians ceased, such as gladiatorial shows. The edict helped pave the way for religion freedom which forever changed multiple religions. Christianity in today’s society is freely expressed and practiced without shame. Though Christians are still persecuted throughout the world, it is at a much smaller scale than it was in The Middle Ages.

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... society and began to have influence as well (Rosenwein). When it came to slaves, even though the rise of Christianity did not impact the use of them, the change occurred in the way that slaves were better treated. The way people thought and cared about others changed. Christians began to be welcomed when they went out to conduct missionary work and spread the word of their religion.
The rise of Christianity was already taking place in the Roman Empire, but the Edict of Milan was of importance for future generations of rulers. It allowed for the development of religions and the chance to freely express their spirituality without consequence. Christianity swept through the empire more rapidly and became an ever moving force throughout Europe. The transformation of this religion was great and to this day, Christianity is still widespread and present in many countries.
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