Training and Owning a Dog

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How many people own a dog? Who trained the dog? Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but it takes a special dog to be a hunting aid. Labrador Retrievers are one of many retrieving dogs and do well around guns, water, elderly people, and children. Owning and training a dog is beneficial to people because it builds companionship and the dog can be used as an aid in hunting.
There are many different things people have to do to keep their dog healthy. The first one is feed them a little better quality dog food instead of the cheapest food found out in stores. For one, it makes them feel better, it makes their fur smoother, not oily, and it will give them the protein for running and being active. The second one is take them on a walk or jog around the block. This will build muscle and their lungs will improve. It also keeps the owner in shape. The third thing is to let them swim, it is healthy for them. When swimming they are using all of their muscles in their body and they also cool off if it is a hot day. The forth thing is to let them have plenty of room to roam around, like a fenced in yard or area. They will feel like they have the freedom and confidence to explore and dogs need room to run around so they can stretch their muscles. Dogs are a very special animals to humans because they can detect so many different things. They can detect cancer, seizures before they happen, and low blood sugar. They can prevent bullying, reduce risk of heart problems, prevent elderly owners from going to doctors, they helps people have less depression in life and at work and heal wounds by licking the wound.
People should go out and get an education from a technical college to train dogs. “There is an education out there for dog training careers....

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