Training And Development Case Study

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Training and development are important asset to an organization. A lack of training can have many negative consequences on an organization. Employees are the key component in the success of a business. When employees are unhappy with their job, they are less motivated to be productive. This loss of productivity leads to loss profits and over moral within the company. Employees need to know that their personal values are important to the organization. Their reactions are important when the corporation is in the process of making changes and decisions. In the textbook, Crafting and Executing Strategy, Thompson, Strickland and Gamble (2012) state “No company can hope to perform the activities required for successful strategy execution without attracting and retaining talented managers and employees with suitable skills and intellectual capital” (p.332). The training and development program that Keller-Globe wants to utilize in order to attain skilled employees who know how to do their jobs well. The approach Keller-Globe is taking in training their employees shows that they care about how the workers will respond to the new presses in the factory. Providing the proper training to the workers before the new presses are installed will be efficient and effective towards the operation. Proper training helps minimize…show more content…
Bill even arranged for the manufacturer to send a trainer and a practice press for the employees. This way they can learn to use the punch press early and get comfortable with the new process and the increase in expected productivity at work. Bill shows that he possesses the skills necessary to be a good production manager that values the employees, as well as the profitability of the company. While Lou may have felt nervous at first, she now feels confident with the new presses and trusts the decisions that Bill has
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