Tragedy Of Victor Frankenstein

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The broad field of science covers many aspects of our everyday life, knowing, and existence. Science includes many areas of study of the environment, animals, and behavior. A popular science of study is of people and how they function brings a question of what is at heart. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, is a scientist inspired by the study of the dead. He wants to be able to give life back to the deceased. Why is Victor motivated to plunge into bringing life back from inanimate matter? He spends all of his time concentrating on this one goal and ignores his family and friends. His life is destroyed because of his selfish obsession by the power to create life. Once Victor is successful in his creation, everything falls apart in his life. He is to blame for this tragedy not his creation because he is the creator behind the operation and he was suppose to keep everything under control. Dr. Victor Frankenstein, on the basis of discovery for science, did not put any thought into the affect of what his experimentation could have risking everything he held dear.
Critics may say that the creation made by Victor is to blame for the violence and destruction following the experiment. Victor is the responsible party. Being the scientist, he should have known how to do proper research on his subject more than he did already. It is obvious he did not think of the consequences. He did not think about his creation going crazy, how it may react to people or its surroundings, and the time it would have taken him to assist his creation to acclimate itself as a normal living being. These specific things take a long time and patience that Victor lacked. All his focus was to be the first to bring life to an undead and become...

... middle of paper ... help him saying, “You made! You hurt me! Why?” This allows Victor to realize what he has done, is guilty of his creation, and the seriousness is clear in his mind.
Through all of this, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is believed to be the real creature. He is to blame for the events that lead up to and eventually why his creation dies. It is not the fault of the creature because of an experiment gone wrong. Victor is the master behind the while operation and is supposed to have it under control. Victor’s ambitions to be famous went to his head, blinding him of the consequences of his actions. Dr. Victor Frankenstein is the architect of this tragic plan, but turned it all around to become something of destruction and madness. The creature was just a test subject and did not have a choice in the matter of the experiment, leaving only Victor Frankenstein to be responsible.
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