Tragedies of the Holocaust

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In Nazi occupied Europe, concentration camps were springing up everywhere. One in particular that started small would soon rise from the bottom to become one of the biggest camps during World War II. It would be liable for the death of thousands. Forever it will be a model of what hatred and judgment can become if permitted to rule over all. Our past becomes a lesson for humanity to learn from. The Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, although tragic, can be looked at as a stepping stone of our maturing society.
Belsen had a rocky beginning but rapidly rose to one be one of most well-known camps of the Holocaust. The Belsen base camp was founded in 1940 by German military officers (Vallentine). Located south of the two villages Bergen and Belse, the camp is correspondingly eleven miles from Celle, Germany (Vallentine). Strictly a prisoner of war camp until 1943, the Belsen concentration camp held thousands of prisoners (Vallentine). During its reign, the Bergen-Belsen camp held Jews, prisoners of war, Gypsies, political prisoners, criminals, homosexuals, and Jehovah Witnesses (Vallentine). The camp was later to become one of the most notorious.
There were few survivors compared to the number that entered Bergen-Belsen. Of these were Leslie Meisels and Agnes Sassoon. Meisels stated that he remembers the camp clearly (“York Region Man to Share Story of Struggle in Concentration Camp). He believes that he was alive simply because of blessing and faith (“York Region Man to Share Story of Struggle in Concentration Camp). Each day, Meisels recalls, he was fed soggy turnip soup and a slice of bread ("York Region Man to Share Story of Struggle in Concentration Camp"). He weighed a meager seventy-five pounds upon release, losing a hundred ...

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...Anne Frank.

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