Traditional Medicine Vs. Traditional And Modern Medicine

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Living in a healthy condition is very essential for everyone’s life. There are many diseases that can affect people’s health. Most of diseases are serious, and they can potentially kill us if we do not treat them as soon as possible. Medicine is very important to prevent diseases before infecting people or treat them after they get sick. In the last fifteen years, medicine has been incredibly improving from what it was previously, but it still shares several traits with traditional methods. Traditional and modern medicine are methods of treatment that have similarities and differences between them.
Medicine is a science which deals with the study of diseases and injuries that impair human and how to cure them. Medicine means the art of treatment that is used to discover, prevent, and treat diseases also to heal wounds.(1) Traditional and modern medicine are the two main types of medicine. Traditional medicine, Which means using old methods for treatment, is mainly relies on a preparation of medicinal herbs to treat pain. Modern medicine, which means the modern way of treatm...
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