Traditional Medicine And Alternative Medicine

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Over the centuries, the ancients utilized several treatment methods. Two of them are modern medicine and traditional medicine. Alternative medicine is older than modern medicine.. That effective therapy has been used for many centuries on the patient when modern medicine did not be found in the world. In addition, because of being improved in China, it can be called as Traditional Chinese Medicine. On the contrary, modern medicine has been used since from 1900’s (health guidance). In this system, drugs’ testes are carefully done in the safe laboratories, and their side effects are identified before they are given to the patient and also the effects of the pills, antibiotics or syrups are written on the leaflets which are in to the packages. However, sometimes the side effects are not blocked, so people have to take another pill to get better. It makes people take more chemicals into their bodies. Even traditional medicine, which people’s ancestors were used, stayed in the background when modern medicine has just found, works efficaciously at the present time. With the passing of time, people will gain reliance on Chinese medicine again, since alternative medicine is more efficient and powerful in order to get better and handle the disease than modern medicine because in traditional medicine, there are fewer drugs, side effects, there is placebo effect and holistic therapy which all the patients can be exploited. As a first way to heal, when people use alternative medicine, they noticed fewer drugs and chemicals in to their bodies and there are fewer side effects for human beings. This means that, when people get caught in any kind of disease, if they use herbal therapies to heal their illnesses, they do not harm their organs or... ... middle of paper ... ...When it is given to the patience any sham drug, they can rely on those with ease. To conclude, people should prefer using of placebo drugs or shots because by having the faith in their hearts treats them without swallow any chemical matters into their bodies. As a summary, sick people should prefer alternative medicine instead of modern medicine. In this way, they all protect themselves from all the side effects of drugs and chemicals and they treat all the systems with most of the organs not only the disease and make their health better with taking advantage of psychological therapies. Traditional medicine applied on the patience centuries ago, so it is easy for people to trust this method. Also, if people do not have any allergies to any plant, it will be the more useful way because there are no side effects and chemicals which are harmful for the human bodies.
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