Traditional Animation Essay

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Animation today has come a long way in a short series since its first appearance in France. There are different ways to animate shows or films but the two main developments are traditional animation and digital animation. Traditional animation is a technique where they draw by hand each frame. On the other hand, digital animation is another technique where each frame is done by the computer. Traditional animation was once popular because it was the only way of doing animation since it first started. Then computers were invented and after receiving upgrades, digital animation was first introduced. Some people prefer the traditional style of animation and others like the new version of digital animation. Today, animation done digitally…show more content…
The techniques used by animators to bring characters to life have improved over the years. Sophie Curtis, a technology reporter at the Daily Telegraph, describes how animation has improved over the years. Curtis said, “Unlike traditional animation, which made its debut in 1906 and created the illusion of movement through frame-by-frame manipulation of drawings and illustrations, most animators today use computers to generate three-dimensional images.” Traditional animation was not realistic because of how the cartoon characters were not supposed to be realistic at first. Animators back then drew characters frame by frame but the movements did not run smoothly like today’s digital animation. Using the computers means that the three-dimensional images in digital animation are created on the computers making the characters movement look real. The technology used to do animation is improving quickly and it is opening new ways to do animation. A broadcast journalist named Alex Hudson from BBC News tells us that “traditional animation has made films and television series first...but now since technology has been improved many people started to like and move to the new.” Some people like the way the animators created the special effects in the films and in television series, making digital more likeable than…show more content…
When animation movies started, the animators worked on the films in traditional style. Each frame was drawn by hand and the animators connected the frames to complete the animation. Even though animation has started with traditional, digital animation has been the one that makes more business. Tasha Robinson who is a movie reviewer at The Verge that said “after multiple films of digital animation, the box office has been filling up their marketing with enough profit to make even more.” Digital animation makes more money in the cinema than animation done traditionally. With the money that digital animation makes, they can make more movies because of its success and with that money they can make more films. Not only do companies have business with digital work, but they also offer programs for people who are interested in the career field. Since the animation industry is doing so well they rely more on computer technology to do better in their business. Tom Cox who is a 3D artist from the Animation Movies says “you won’t be surprised to hear that animation industries relies on computer technology.” Most companies require you to have the skill to do animation in the digital format, since that’s where they mostly get profit from to create a
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