Traditional African Dances

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On Thursday April 18, we watched a film by , about traditional African dance. I was amazed by the different dances performed and how they all held a strong symbol for the tribe they represent. The film portrayed various different tribes performing different dances for different reasons. The narrator of the film was extremely helpful with his descriptions of the people and the dances they were performing. I really enjoyed the costumes of the different tribes, especially the Bobo tribe. They dyed their costumes bright vibrant colors. I was impressed that the dancer could perform such vigorous dances with those heavy looking costumes. Not the mention the extreme heat they have to deal with. From what I understand the performers were performing in temperatures in the high 90’s to 100 degrees. And to think we were complaining when it was 80 degrees the one day. The dancing in all of the tribes was symbolic to a ritual and gave it all the more meaning to the viewer. I think it is wonderful that they use music and dance to honor their religion, their dead, and their land. Americans today seem to morn religion, like it is work or something. It is beautiful to see the African Dancers out their celebrating their religion. I think our religions should take some notes and make it beautiful and enjoying. Most Catholic services are dry and boring but to look at the Africans enjoying their religion and making it exciting I really liked the tribe as well, with their tall costumes. Their dancing was to honor their dead. They were in tall dark costumes and they would go after the crowd if they got out of line. I was really impressed with their dancing because what an honor. I would love for people to dance and sing at my funeral. I want everyone to celebrate my life not morn my death. I feel that the tribe was doing that, they were celebrating that persons life by dancing. It was humorous too when they went after the different members of the crowd who got out of line.
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