Tradition, And Tradition In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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The Lottery and tradition; the meaning behind tradition and ritual Traditions and rituals have existed longer than anyone might remember; gatherings and celebrations for these traditional rituals bring families together every year. Different cultures all around the world celebrate their traditions in their own way, but as time has passed most people forget or are oblivious to the reasons on how and why these traditions and rituals started in the first place. In the Lottery by Shirley Jackson is all about traditions and rituals in a community, the towns people in the story are unconcerned with how the Lottery began, all they believe is that without the lottery the crops won 't grow and it would disturb the order of the town, and not many people…show more content…
in an article by Josh Linkner he discusses the down sides of tradition " If I asked if you were serving sushi for your next Thanksgiving dinner, you 'd give me a puzzled look and think to yourself, "who is this idiot?" Like millions of others, you 'll likely enjoy turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and all the other traditional trimmings." (Linkner, the Down Side of Tradition). Linkner point out some traditions that some follow that might not make sense, but they still follow them. Taking Halloween as an example, most people know this holiday as a day to play dress up and go out in public to collect candy from the neighbors, yet the story behind Halloween isn 't known by many people are aware of and continue to ignore it. this relates back to the lottery and how the towns people have gotten so use to the traditional ritual that they don 't even know when an where it started in the first

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