Trade Between China And The United States

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Introduction: Trade between China and the United States is a battle we all know the U.S. has been fighting for quite some time. This topic is very important in our field of Apparel and Textiles. It is an ongoing processes as the U.S. tries to figure out ways on how to blend the gap of imports and exports. The U.S. is billions of dollars in debt with China because of the trade difference. Trade with China has gotten our country in a big hole that we can 't come out over a course of a few years. This has built mistrust and slight tension between the two countries. We will also discuss how the TPP no yarn rule would greatly affect America. Many manufacturers would be put to an end. We will discuss the top 5 imports between both countries and the price for it. China is the world 's largest economy. China has the upper hand because the amount that they pay for something is less than the amount in dollars the United States would have to pay for the same thing. Review of Literature: Trading between the United States and China started way back in 1784 when the British refused to make a deal with the Americans. The Americans were looking for new markets to buy goods from. China saw America, then as the land of opportunities just as many others did. China even shaped some of their political beliefs from Abraham Lincoln. In the 1800s some believed that China should be broken up into colonies, but the United States believed that China should remain independent. They thought this would be more beneficial to the United States. This lead to the open door policy which meant that China would have an open door to foreign investment and trade. After the Tiananmen Massacre and the end of the Co... ... middle of paper ... ...nd Peru. The pact aims to deepen economic ties between these nations, slashing tariffs and fostering trade to boost growth. By doing this it will increase jobs and growth in the United States. Incomes will be increased due to a lower cost of goods. Along with it will increase exports of goods and services. Overall, I believe the United States can gain back control of this issue if they start implementing new laws and regaining its power that China has had over us. No decision will be easy and it will all create a big shift in our economy in orders to get us on the right track. The United States has to has to chose what is more important and how dedicated they are into making these changes to fix the trade deficit. Us as Americans have to be willing to stand behind our country regardless of the impact knowing that this will be beneficial to us in the long run.

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