Traddicking Victims Proection Act

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Trafficking Victims Protection Act is an organization establishes to prevent individuals from becoming victims of human trafficking. It also protects the victims of human trafficking, and seeks justice against the traffickers. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is well put together; their mission is to assist trafficking victims around the world. The organization was established in the 2000. However, since its establishment it has been unsuccessful attaining its goal. Subsequently its performance has little effect, due to the fact that only a few fractions of victims have received aid. The dominance of human trafficking in the U.S., and around the world hasn’t decrease. For instance in the U.S. and others countries human trafficking has being on the rise and it hasn’t showing a sign of decreasing. Moreover, before the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, there wasn’t a servile punishment for traffickers. Traffickers were usually punished for components of the crime. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act came up with other ideas to educate the public about human trafficking. They sponsor programs that were willing to educate society about the danger of human trafficking. On the other hand to help protect the victims, they got the government to form a program called the T-visa. This program gives victims a temporary residency in the U.S. (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services 1). Nevertheless, everyone isn’t qualify for the T-visa, only those victims who have shown that they’re supported in the prosecution of their traffickers, can receive the T-visa and they are also qualified for social services as well. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act also created stricter punishments aimed at human trafficker. For instance, traf... ... middle of paper ... ...king Victim Protection Act. Human trafficking is now one of the largest criminal activities in the world. It has become a billion of dollars industry globally. This has helped traffickers to expand on so many levels, which is unpredictable of what damages they can cost. Due to the high revenue earn, human trafficking has taken a turn causing a lot of problem. Most government fined it difficult to rap their fingers around such business. Traffickers has expand activities geographically, which have helped strengthen organization crimes, which then overshadows the government powers which leads to a lot of people becoming victims. However US Ambassador Miller’s give some key factors of the perception of criminalization, which has to deal with “deprivation of human rights and dignity, the spread of diseases, and the national security and stability.”

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