Tracking Myth to Geological Reality

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It can be hard to fully understand the influence and importance of mythology. Mythology is a powerful force in a culture. Mythology influence a culture’s values and can pass down important information to future generations. It seems that many cultures, the world over, have used myth to explain geological assurances. It has recently been discovered that many myths are, in some part, based in truth. Perhaps it is time to start thinking of ancient myth as historical accounts of geological phenomenon. It maybe that ancient people used fanciful tales to explain natural disasters that they did not fully understand. Kevin Krajick’s article Tracking Myth to Geological Reality examines how many myths can be linked to geological evidence. Geologists have been investigating how ancient geological phenomenon are able to shed light on the origins of many myths. There are also several instances were Biblical stories are being linked to catastrophic geological phenomenon. Many are hoping that understanding these myths and the geological phenomenon they depict will reveal important information abo...

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