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Every athelete has a dream, a dream of victory, a dream of success, and above all, a dream of winning a glistening, gold medal in the Olympics. The Olympics has already became part of many people’s lives. Athletes are striving and working hard every moment, trying to stand on the courts of the Olympic Games. Micheal Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Mark Spitz are all athletes whom I admire. I dream of one day, standing on the podium and being rewarded a gold medal; it probably will not happen in the Olympics, but I will strive my best to achieve my own goal of life.
Comparatively, my experience in America is like the Olympic Games, and my goal is indeed to become faster, higher, and stronger. It is not only limited to academics, but in every part of my life in America. I work hard, sweat, and never give up. Everyone is a winner in this game of life as long as we sleep every night satsified with our efforts during the day. Every step I make and every word I say dictates the path of my life. Coming to America is my dream and my pursuit of life just like an athlete craving for the Olympic games. Studying and reviewing tests are the trainings I do to prepare for it. It is not all about cramming on the night before the test, but a long and tedious process of preparation that requires me to constantly put in both effort and time. It all comes down to one mundane, but important saying, “Hard work pays off”. I have high expectations for myself and use all my passion to accomplish my goals. Making tight schedules for my everyday life, I give myself no chance to cheat, so that I will be able to stand on my dream arena someday. These thoughts of perseverance and grit propulsed me forward during my games and made me more determined to study in the ...

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...ents across the globe. It was because of this mythical power that I was able to blend into this big Fay family. Every athlete deserves and hankers for the crowd’s applause and flowers on the court. I therefore want to share my love to everyone, to love life, and to love the world even though imperfections exist. Danger and obstacles are certainly present in our lives, but there are always two kind of person facing it: one who proceeds or one who wanes. It is not always the strongest who wins, but the bravest. Every step we take, every sweat we drop, and every mistake we make shapes our identities. To pursue my dreams, I came to America, and I did not regret coming here; I found the right track to success. Fay school opened a door for me of a bright future. My American experience is an Olympic game, persisting the faith and courage of “ Faster, Higher, and Stronger!”

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