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Is Toyota Motor Corporation worthy of my investment dollars? This company, which has grown steadily since 1926 with a humble beginning as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd., has evolved into what is today Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Toyota has demonstrated sound ethical behavior and social responsibility, and is a strong competitor in the global marketplace. Its Board of Directors is composed of seventy competent individuals who have a vast array of knowledge and experience in the automobile industry. The corporation avails itself of the many opportunities to increase business via the internet. It has shown strength through adversity and continues to grow. Despite the misconception that it is a “foreign” car company, Toyota provides hundreds of thousands of jobs for American workers. Its associates are content; enjoy a substantial benefits package and are offered opportunities to advance within the organization. Toyota’s mission statement and goal of providing “the most satisfying ownership experience in America” (Toyota) drives the company toward continuous improvement. For this reason, Toyota’s marketing; production, distribution strategies, and channels are effective in building brand equity. It utilizes a variety of marketing communication tools and pricing strategies to effectively increase sales; and the company’s three year financial performance indicates that it is in a strong financial position. Accordingly, based on the aggregate of my research, I would definitely invest in this company.

Toyota Motor Corporation demonstrates a high degree of ethical and social responsibility. Not only is Toyota one of the first auto manufacturers to offer hybrid technolo...

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