Toyota Environmental Factors

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There are many environmental factors that affect marketing. Management of any company is the one who, faced with marketing decisions when the environmental factors affect marketing. The environmental factors are the factors that created by external factors. Some of the factors are global economics, demographics, cultural difference, social responsibilities, ethics and technology. It is important for the company to understand how these factors affect the company’s marketing plan. To get success in the business world, it is important to understand how to control these environmental factors that affect the business. The company that is getting affected by the environmental factors is Toyota motors.
Toyota motor is one of the Japan’s largest multinational vehicle exporter, and manufacturer. Toyota has expanded its products and services to the largest vehicles manufacturer worldwide. The company believes that quality is an important result in completing the production process. The Japanese automobile has rapidly changing day by day and changing its standards in producing efficient, productive and high quality vehicles in the automotive industry. Because of the rapid changes in the environment and technology, the Toyota has improved their performance and provide their customers high quality product. According to the companies’ values, the customers must always come first, which means the company respect their customers and doing continuous improvement.
Global Economics
In today’s globalization world the company that is affected by the environmental factors would be the Toyota motors. Toyota Motors Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturing motor companies in the world. Their manufacturing company is based in Japan...

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... vehicle parts and materials from specific countries and increasing market share in each country and region in which they do business. Toyota must also consider the targeting of specific groups and classes of people within a country because those groups may be dependent on the success of Toyota. For instance, the U.S. federal government has given out federal automaker loans that are helping minority business in the U.S. remain open and viable.
Technology plays very important role in the success of any company, whether it is a manufacturing company or just a departmental store. To give a safe and quality product technology plays a major role. Due to the technology company is making hybrid cars which are gas saving cars and save the environment from pollution. Technology is everything in today’s world. It effect positive and negatively to the customers.
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