Toyota Culture Analysis

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Toyota is a successful automaker with a reputation for quality, and it has a strong organizational culture. However, it got into crisis that not recall the faulty acceleration pedals immediately when it found out and allowed tragedy happened. Toyota wait so long to publicly acknowledge and replace the faulty accelerator pedals because two main reasons. First, Toyota’s culture of keeping potentially negative information locked tightly within the firm is odds with what many organizations do during a crisis in the United States. In addition, Toyota’s leadership may be insulated to allow it full or timely access to negative information. This might because of the fact that Toyota has a formal, hierarchical and secrecy organizational structure that…show more content…
Cultures are so elusive and hidden that it cannot be adequately diagnosed, managed or changed. It needs to take difficult techniques, rare skills and considerable time to understand a culture and additional time to change it. The older strong culture organization have established stories, use symbols, conduct rituals, and even use their own unique language. The Organization’s core values are wide shared, respected and protected. People will resist change to a new culture due to the culture sustain people throughout period of difficulty and serve to ward off anxiety. The manager or administrators will be facing daunting task for attempting to produce cultural change. The manager has to undergo five interventions to have cultural change. If I were the president of Toyota moto Corporation, I would notify customers as soon as possible before a greater incredible crisis happen. By doing that, I will encourage spirituality and socialization in workplace. Since Toyota has a strong cultural structure that it has hierarchy which affect integrating and connections between different departments in the corporation in order to affect the way important, unimportant news disclose to managerial level administrators. I will focus the Toyota organization in teamwork, connections, continuous improvement through learning, quality and…show more content…
I would encourage the organization ensure quality by not produce motor too fast and ignore quality. I would not change the culture system a lot from the secrecy to transparence since Toyota Motor Corporation has a strong organization structure which contains lots of talented employees, ritual, stories and share core values between each other. However, I will change the culture slowly and reduce secrecy. By doing that, I will create any branch or a business unit in the main countries that we export motor, to solved, analyzed and disseminated problems. This helps problems to solve immediately and no need to wait for decision from center of

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