Toy Shop Case Study

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In order to meet the customers’ and buyer’s demand on available latest toys and enjoyable shopping experience, ToyShop needs to get closer to the customers and buyers. To do so, there are business processes need to be create or redesigned, and technologies need to be invested. Due to the information limitation, cost factor of the introduced processes and technologies will not be considered in this paper. 7 ideas associates with the “get closer to customers” strategy will be introduced.
Business redesign and new technology introduction
1. Cooperation with gaming industry
It’s known that gaming market on PC, Xbox and handheld game console (eg. PSP) are increasing rapidly these days, which makes them perfect theme license holders. Thus, it is advised that Toy Shop should cooperate with the leading game company such as Blizzard, Electronic Arts and Steam for theme toy license. The toys for sale should not be limited to physical models and souvenirs, but also auxiliary products for PC, Xbox such as keyboard and joystick. Furthermore, digital toys can also be sold by Toy Shop, such as digital equipment in games (e.g. Mounts and pets in world of Warcraft) and game itself. Such business process redesign can help Toy Shop meet the customer demand on the growing trend of game market, and
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Inspired by the sale of mini 4WD Racer, in order to get closer to customers, Toyshop should change itself from a shop to “a fun place to play and buy toys”. To be more specific, department for customer activity program should be set. Customer activity program department should organize available competitions and other interactive activities, which are associated with the product on sale for the customers. Furthermore, they also should design play zones for every retailer shop to encourage customer

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