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Meeting came across with a very casual feel, nothing occurred that created some formal precession amongst the board members. Board seemed to be very willing and able to work together. There seemed to be confusion about the Item 3 Consent Agenda. Due to some questions pertaining to parts c,d,e those items were quickly removed from the agenda. 3a - 3b stayed in play. - Motion to approve - motion carries. This meeting has a feeling of running very smoothly and streamlined approach. By taking a new public management approach the board continues look towards consultant agreements in order to accomplish being much more efficient. (Box, 2009 pg. 185) The consultant agreement pertaining to the new firehouse license agreement and also locking the fire department into 5 yr agreement for technology carries forth the ability to spread new way to serve citizen through specialize abilities of the contractors while still conveying a persona of a “distinctive character” within the Oshtemo community. (Box, 2009 pg.159) Most of the content of this meeting follows the same standards of the first subject. The almost disengaged board seems to have other work that is pertaining to their time while the blandly and almost robotically agree to such an agreement of the change of contact with Consumer’s Energy of street lights that were assed and pay for improperly. This clearly goes along with the saying of housekeeping policies. Much of what the Oshtemo township board is working on currently is just to keep daily business moving forward with very little competition from outside sources (Box, 2009 pg. 169) Item 4 is brought to public hearing this motion pertained to special assessing for condos. The public hearing was quickly closed due to the fact th... ... middle of paper ... ...verall health of the community. (Box, 2009 pf. 121) All other business being covered pertained to the use of electronic devices during the meeting. The trustees mention that there is a policy that should be reviewed during next meeting, the subject was noted and left at that. Board member comments were absent from the meeting thus it meeting was adjourned. This community seems to be working on a housekeeping effort. Many things that they take care of are focused around giving the citizens great customer service while working with many various types of independent contractors. This board appears to have a much more public service orientation since they are working to have a better approval from the citizen base. (Box, 2009 pg. 218) Works Cited Box, R. C. (2009). Public administration and society: Critical issues in American governance. Armonk, N.Y: M.E. Sharpe.

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