Tourism Research Proposal

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Dissertation Proposal – UG Module 6IM999 Your Name: Gaamangwe Segosebe Student Number: 10029155 Title or topic area of proposed study: Local tourism entrepreneurship as a tool for sustainable tourism development in Maun. Research Problem statement and Main question Maun is facing operational challenges of locally owned tourism enterprises which is caused by dominance of foreign tourism enterprises. Almost 70 percent of tourism enterprises are owned by foreigners hence resulting into revenue leakage, low salaries and pressure on resources, the local community are facing poverty while foreign owned enterprises are growing ( hotels and lodges) stated by Mbaiwa (2006). The continuation of the domination of the foreign owned companies if not controlled could end up threatening the sustainability of the tourism industry in Botswana. There is need to explore ways in which local investors can be ????? Aim of the study (there should only be 1 Aim) To explore operational challenges of local tourism entrepreneurs in Maun. Objectives of your study  To evaluate the perception of locals investors towards tourism in Maun  To examine the operational challenges of locally owned tourism businesses in Maun  To formulate strategies for effective local tourism entrepreneurship Sub-Research questions  What is the local perception towards business tourism in Maun  What are the policies that formulate business tourism in Botswana  What is the level of awareness and education towards business tourism in Maun Rationale for your study (200 - 300 words) Include in your rationale how the research will impact on the organisation (Sources must be cited) This study is about operational challenges of locally owned tourism ente... ... middle of paper ... .... Meat of large animals was shared equally amongst the households after every kill and would bind the community and households together. The sharing aspect of what was provided by nature was a way of controlling the use of natural resources that resulted in avoiding waste, and secured the continued availability of such resources. The communal ownership of wildlife resources thus meant that resources were not exposed to an open access system of resource use, which often results in the degradation of natural resources however this has changed since the foreign investors has been involved this is because their main aim is to make profit than tourism sustainability which means if the country will allow foreign enterprises to take control our resources will be in vain. If they were policies to ensure that priorities was given to locals or equally distributed.
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