Tourism Innovation Case Study

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Marketing Innovation – T&H

Marketing Innovation – T&H

Marketing Innovations – T&H


MICE Tourism Promotion

MICE Tourism Promotion

Module Description
The goal of studying this module is to understand the basic concepts of promotions and marketing in tourism and hospitality. This module describes tourism promotion, its goals, types, concepts like promotion mix. You will be able to understand basic concepts like differences between promotion and marketing and their importance to the tourism and hospitality industry. It also explains the general global trends in tourism promotion and in analyzing the role of globalization in tourism promotion. We have also highlighted the challenged faced by
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Informative Promotion
This is one of the critical forms of promotion in the early stages of the product life cycle when the owners of resorts, hotels, and other attractions try various modes of promotion to make people aware of the amenities and facilities which would make their holiday experience special and memorable. The promotion focuses on the key ideas and features of the tourism product or service which are the differentiators from the competitors. Ideally used when the product or service is launched in the market for a new destination or when a particular product is entering a new market.
b. Persuasive Promotion
This type of promotion is done during the growth and maturity stages of the product life cycle. Persuasive messages are sent through various channels and mediums to the customers to attract and engage with them. The aim of this promotion is to ensure that the customers select the particular brand over the competitors while making a booking or a
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Tourists don’t have much to explore the unique and different offerings of a particular place.
· There is a big dependency on fuel. The frequent rise of gasoline and crude oil prices are affecting the entire tourism and travel industry.
· The field of wireless communication has shortened the boundaries between your personal and professional life. There is a thin boundary between your leisure and business travel. People are expected to be connected to their family and business all the time irrespective of whether they are working or not.
· Terrorism and other factors have a major impact on the tourism and travel industry. Security for the tourists and visitors is a major concern to the tourism and travel industry. With no specialized security personnel and no security assessment of the industry’s site and personnel, there is a tendency that the industry may face major economic losses in the near future.
· The challenges of providing safety across all age groups is a major concern for the tourism industry. The number of activities which a tourist or visitor faces during a tour is much more than what was done by him a decade back. Mobile medical units, special diets, 24x7 pharmacies are the need of the
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