Tourism In South Africa Case Study

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In South Africa there are many factors that contribute towards the way that the country economically develops. Tourism is one of these factors, however unlike other contributing factors, tourism faces many obstacles that often affect the economic development of South Africa. In this essay, various positive concepts that accompany tourism, such as employment opportunities and real income per capita, will be discussed. This essay is also going to examine the negative factors that the Country itself faces, such as crime and how this is an obstacle that tourism faces.

Tourism is an activity that most people around the world participate in. this is because tourism can be defined as people traveling to places that are not in their
This is because it has the potential to increase the amount of people that can be employed for jobs of all skill levels and all over the country. The tourism industry provides direct and indirect jobs to individuals. The type of jobs that a person is employed to do in the tourism industry is related to goods and services, that are purchased by visitors. Unemployment is a huge socio-economic problem that South Africa faces, however because tourism is a labour- intensive industry, meaning that it requires a lot of labour, it is one of the main factors that help the high unemployment rate in South Africa. The tourism industry provides more jobs in South Africa then the mining and agricultural sectors in a
These toursits visit because there is a tourist attraction taking place and if there was not an event they would not visit that place. Therefore by holding events in countries it brings an income to that area which increases the areas per capita. If a tourist that visits a certain area and enjoys it, they will encourage peers and family to visit to therefore in the long run still increasing the income to the area and therefore increasing there real income per capita as more people are visiting therefore more money is coming

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that tourism has the potential to increase real income per capita of a country.
  • Explains the different types of expenditures that come from tourism, such as direct expenditure, indirect expenditure and induced expenditure.
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